Devendra puts the "H(e)art" in Banhart

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College drop out to five time Billboard Heatseeker chart topper, Devendra Banhart shares with the world his tasteful poetry in a musical manor with his newest record release ‘Ape In Pink Marble”

At a first listen, you’ll feel tripped out diving into Banhart’s sound. Through the years, each album altered styles, bouncing between French lyrics, folk and Psychedelic melodies, and a feeling in the pit of your stomach that leaves you with an overwhelming sense of Melancholia.

Fans greeted Banhart well, as they crowded around the stage styled in bizarre, whimsical outfits. The evening was full of songs mostly off the two last previous albums kicking off the night with a hit off the new album ‘Saturday Night’.

A favorite highlight of the show that stood out to myself and grew fan’s hearts even larger was when he stopped to address the crowd. “Does anyone have any original songs they have written who never played in front of a crowd?” Instantly, hand fired to the air but only one stood out from the rest. Banhart pointed across the sea of eager musicians to a younger man, ready to make his debut.

The boy nervously took the stage but adapted quickly to the spotlight. He rock his soul out as a thunder of applause followed his performance. Banhart thanked him a dozen times before continuing on with his night.

The show proved to fans, and newly adapted fans that not only in Banhart one hell of a musician and artist; He is one hell of a human being. He blessed the crowd and left an ever lastly, bittersweet impact that you’ll feel deep in your soul for months to come.

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