Every Time I Die Brings Austin Alive for Two Sold Out Nights

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Established in 1998, the Buckley brother band has been tearing through the metal core scene, creating a major impact on the genre today. Since the release of “Hot Damn!” in 2003, the band has deemed the title of “Metalcore Icon”, contributing to some top notch changes that can be heard in modern day metal core.

As anticipated, the tour was exactly what every metal fan has dreamed of. The band was greeted in Austin, Tx with two back to back, sold out shows with each night opened with three talented acts: Eternal Sleep, Harms Way, and Knocked Loose.

If you have never been, a key rule to this specific genre of show is that moshing is a guaranteed feature. Standing on the sidelines, you’ll notice fans railing each other as the night goes on. It starts off with just one or two, but quickly multiplies with each passing song. When nine o’clock hit, Every Time I Die’s guitarist, Andy William’s emerged on stage and fiercely grasped his guitar. He turned his back up against the crowd and began chucking a heavy riff as the rest of the band joined him on stage. Not even one minute into playing, fans began crawling their way to the front, nudging themselves on stage. They stood and embraced the spotlight for a mere moment before doing an epic dive into a sea of mad fans.

It was a sad departure as the band played their final song and said goodnight but after such a kickass show, your blood was spiked with enough metal adrenaline to last you till next time.

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