G Jones and Yheti Lay it Down at Empire

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Friday night was a beautiful night in Austin, TX. The weather was in the high 60’s and there was another weekend full of good music leading up to SXSW.

We hopped out of our Uber (Ride Austin now) and you could already here and feel the party moving at Empire. We arrived about 10 minutes into Yheti’s set, and even though it was early in the night, he had the crowd going. Yheti started with some heavy dub and bass, and later showed his ability to morph into more of a trap/hip hop sound. He never lost the crowd once during his set, and his unique haircut, which I would best describe as a bowl cut with a pony tail, also makes him easy to remember.

He definitely did his job, which was to warm up the crowd for G Jones. The crowd continued to grow in size, and people starting getting louder and louder as G Jones walked out to the stage. He didn’t hesitate at all to get the crowd started up again, and quickly showed off his remix skills by mixing some of his own work to keep fans on their toes. A girl in the front row next to me even screamed that this was “the show of the century!”

G Jones has been making waves on the underground scene in the Bay area for the last few years, and his movement has spread to other artists. The Santa Cruz native has been working on his craft since he was 13 when he first started recording instruments on garageband, but now is exclusively loyal to Ableton Live for both recording and live shows.

If you like a unique EDM artist that can mix sounds of dub, glitch, trap, and bass, then definitely take some time to see G Jones live. Even better if you get to see Yheti open up before him too on this current tour!

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