Japandroids Get Punked UP - Rock Out at Sold Out Mohawk Show

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Punk never dies! After a five year hiatus, the Canadian punk-rock duo returns to a sold out show at Austin's Mohawk, debuting their new album 'Near to the Wild Heart of Life'.

As the venue packed to full capacity, Brian King took the mic and thanked the crowd for their attendance and patience over the past years. The band then opened up with what they described as a "warm up"; showcasing the song titled mimicked from their album title 'Near to the Wild Hear of Life'.

Throughout the night, the band hopped around from album to album, playing hits from each record. The crow raged with each passing tune. Fans continued to jump on stage and grasped the spotlight for a few moments before jumping into a welcoming crowd surf.

Although, they have altered their sound over the years, the Japandroids stay true to their Rock and Roll background. After wrapping up their Texas dates, the band continues their tour throughout the US and Canada before crossing the pond to rock out with our European friends.

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