LÉON Brings her Swedish Vocal Skills to Austin, TX

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LÉON is truly on her way to becoming one of the next big breakouts in the pop industry. However, I wouldn’t classify her as traditional pop that we are accustomed to in America. She does evoke similarities of Lady Gaga and other big names, but her music seems to be far more sentimental. She sings and writes with emotion, and her live show allows you to see the real LÉON, not just the amazing Swedish singer.

Aside from her pipes, she showed a very relaxed and genuine personality, and you could tell she really wanted to engage with her fans. But watching her sing and hit some of the notes she hits live is unbelievable… and she does it with such ease while dancing and smiling. She really seems to be enjoy playing her music live for fans around the world.

She got the crowd singing along to her recent hit ‘Tired of Talking’ that she released on SoundCloud last summer, and played a few new songs of her much anticipated upcoming debut album, which has no official release date, but she expects it to be out soon.

LÉON is wrapping up her US tour now, and will likely follow it with the release of her new album. She is already on her way to becoming a well-known star in the US, much less around the world.

Make sure you check out her music online, and you can also see some footage of her covering Fleetwood Mac at Antones in Austin, TX below!

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