The Growlers Bottle Up Austin's Hearts

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Imagine if there was a band that pretty much had a pinch of every genre out there. A modern band who’s music also embarks you on a time machine journey back to the 50s era. A band who’s lyrics relate to every heart and soul walking across our lonesome planet. Well, fortunately, your search for a group whom holds all these dazzling traits is over; The Growlers have it all.

Formed in Dana Point, California in 2006, the ‘Beach Goth’ band has since released five studio albums, three EP’s, and disturbed two singles. Their newest album ‘City Club’, released last September, features a vintage ‘Grease’ style album art that lays parallel with the sound of each song on the record. A quite different sound than the last record ‘Chinese Fountain’ released in 2014, which held more of a surfer vibe essence.

On Saturday night, I walked into a packed, sold-out show at Emo’s in Austin,TX. Prior to entering the venue that evening, I was just a Growler's fan. Leaving afterwards, I was an obsessed, newly initiated, member of the Growlers cult.

It’s been a few years since the band has been in town and their absence was absolutely present in every fan’s excitement as they strolled upon the stage. Half the band fashioned in old school, vintage mechanic jumpsuits, while the others wore varsity styled jacks with ‘City Club’ represented on the back.

The entire night was a spark of a beautiful range of emotion. Every lyric, melody, and rhythm each song held shadowed upon the crowd as they danced, weeped, and swam in a sea of love and despite the band distributed on stage. The setlist showcased songs from all albums; a perfect set for old and new fans.

The band played straight through without hardly any pauses. A foolproof two hour set which will leave everyone in the venue enough Growlers love till next time. The band continues on their North American tour bouncing back and fourth between the east and west coast before showing our European neighbors across the pond some yearning, beach goth, joy.

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