Yonder Mountain String Band & G. Love Bring the “Blues-grass” to Stubbs.

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The weather in Austin was amazing this weekend…and so was the music. Everyone in town can feel that SXSW is right around the corner, and you can feel the talent starting to ramp up each weekend in town.

This Friday was no different. Stubbs was packed early too see this great tour combining the bluegrass jams of Yonder Mountain with G. Love’s smooth blues, for what I like to call “Blues-grass.”

This tour was a brilliant idea put together by their management teams, knowing that both groups can bring a crowd, and their sounds uniquely flow together to create an amazing experience for fans.

G. Love opened the night up by showcasing his multi-instrument skills by rocking the guitar, playing the harmonica around his neck, and still finding some time to take a breath and sing some smooth blues to the Austin crowd. He warmed everyone up nicely before taking a break and letting Yonder Mountain come out and keep the crowd moving with their legendary jam-based bluegrass.

Texas has got to be a good spot for Yonder since they combine that string-based sound with the styles of a lot of jam bands. They are able to rotate back and forth throughout a song, sharing solo’s with one another, and allowing each member of the band to shine. They do this beautifully and make it look so smooth and seamless. They had a packed crowd the whole night, and they didn’t let them until the night was over. You could see everyone in the crowd bopping up and down to the talented Yonder Mountain String Band, and you can see why they are so successful touring the country – they know how to put on a performance and captivate an audience for the entire set.

They will continue onward with their tour alongside G. Love & Special Sauce, taking this unique combination of “Blues-grass” across the country, proving it to be a very successful tour. We are excited to see them come back through Austin again in the future.

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